Thursday, 13 March 2008

"My name is Celtic and..."

It's difficult not to conclude that Rangers are a better team than Celtic. It's hard to say but the results speak for themselves. Smith has transformed Rangers. I don't like him either but he has a lot in common with Martin O'Neil, the way he has made Rangers hard to beat, the way he can grind out results - and the way he can beat Celtic. Celtic drew with Dundee United last night. Rangers will beat them on Sunday. And the way things are looking, they might also get two other bits of silverware this season, which will match MON's clean sweep in his first season (although Smith has done it without money).

The optimism of some Celtic fans is amazing. "We still have the league in our own hands" (if we beat Rangers in the three remaining Old Firm games). We've stuttered and stumbled this season, while TFOD have got stronger. Strachan's signings simply haven't worked. And he struggles to motivate them in many games. 50% of our goals have came in the last 25 mimutes of games - that's not determination, that's rubbish football.

The first stage in recovery is to acknowledge you have a problem. It's time we admitted it.

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