Sunday, 30 November 2008

Celtic 1 Inverness Caledonia Thistle 0

This was a difficult match to watch. Maloney scored but generally failed to impress. He wasn't alone. Few players on either side would get pass marks from me and the referee was just as poor.

Let's put it down to a European hangover. At least we won't have any of them after Christmas.

Who should Celtic buy in January? Who should we sell?


  1. Whether or not we buy in January may depend on how we do until then and especially how we play against Rangers. It might be best to buy no-one and wait until the summer. We have some players to come back which will be a boost. If we were to buy I would look at Latvia and Hungary as their economies are in poor shape and their football teams might be willing to sell. Hopefully Jo Venglos is looking at the Baltic and eastern Europe. Surely we can get a decent left back there.

    I don't know if you can buy a captain but we need to get someone who can grow into that role. I thought we were unlucky against Aalborg but I think we need someone to hold us together in Europe.

    If we are ahead in the league we should try out some players, one at a time, Caddis McCourt Hutchison Mizuno to see if they can make the step up.

    We need in January to get rid of Naylor and Balde somehow.

  2. Gerry, the Board can't be trusted to buy in the summer - or any other time. They have proven time and again, they will buy only when they have to - and only enough quality to win the SPL. The only league that lot will raid will be the Irish one.

    I've been disappointed in Maloney. He looks a poorer player than the one who went down to England.

    There are a number of journeymen who we should unload in January. I forgot about Bobo, who should be sold - if he'll go.

    We need another (quality) forward and a decent left back