Saturday, 8 November 2008

Celtic 2-0 Motherwell


  1. Another victory in the SPL after a tough European Cup match. This victory was much easier than I thought it would be considering only Boruc dropped out of Wednesday's team.

    M Brown, Hinckel, McManus, Caldwell, Wilson, S Brown, Hartley and McDonald played well. The other 3 tried but were below par.

    Caddis looked good when he came on and Donati is earning a reputation of being brought on when we need to hold onto the ball. He did well. Mizuno wasn't on long enough to say what he's like. I guess it was a substitution for our Japanese fans.
    This win puts some pressure on Rangers for their trip to Kilmarnock, which whether they win or not is a good thing.

  2. Good to see us win these games since in the past they have presented problems to us.

    I think Hinckel and McManus are playing particularly well right now and I don't know why Caddis doesn't get a run in the team since any time I have seen him he has impressed me.

    Kilmarnock are crap and I expect the gap to be back to 2 points later today. In fact, I think Rangers might hammer them.