Thursday, 29 October 2009

Christopher Brookmyre

I went to see Christopher Brookmyre on Monday. I had read only one of his books. The first half of it was around children in a catholic primary moving on to secondary. I was reading it at work in my lunch hour and despite the embarrassment is caused me I couldn't stop myself bursting out laughing. The second half of the book wasn't as successful.

I thought he was very good and probably funnier than he is in his books. The books are full of swearing and he gives a warning on this before he starts. I think he must have went to school with Frankie Boyle.

Anyway here is an interesting fact about the BBC. He told how he had been asked to do a play for late night radio 3. He did this and was told that there were too many fucks in it. For the length of the play there should only have been 15. He had 40. He cut it down. Then when the play was being recorded one actor suggested that a particular line wasn't right and really needed beefed up. He suggested the addition of a fuck. Christopher then thought of removing one from another part of the play and adding to the required line. The producer was unable to sanction this without checking up as not only are the number of fucks counted but their frequency is also measured.

If they can make sure there aren't too many fucks how come they can't reduce the amount of shite.

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  1. I've never managed to get into his books (though I didn't give him much of a chance). I did however hear him on the radio recently (can't remember which programme - something on Radio Scotland I think) and thought he was really interesting and worth another go. Being a Barrhead boy should be reason enough.