Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Fair Summation of the Current State of Celtic?

From madmitch on CQN:

Just what part of failure do the board apologists on this blog not get?

We failed to win the league
We failed to qualify for the CL
We are failing in our various quests this season.

The failure of the current board and ownership structure to develop and grow the team are so blatantly obvious to everyone but themselves.

DD = Mind on other things
JR = Warm up act, currently masquerading as a waste of space.
PL = The world's worst negotiator.
ER = Bean counter's bean counter.
BTM = Wearing "L" plates at our expense.

The current low spend plan has broken our business model of 53K season tickets and full houses for Euro nights.

We are a shambles and have been a shambles for quite some time but poster after poster offers excuse after excuse to transfer the blame onto anyone apart from the shower running the club.

Just when will some people say enough is enough?

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  1. Rangers result last night, I think, says more about Celtic than them. A bunch of mediocre European players hammered a team that beat us two weeks ago. So, where does that leave us? Scottish football is in free-fall, punching way below its weight. When there is systematic failure like this, you have to point the finger at massive incompetence and (usually) low-grade corruption. I don't mean anything illegal, just decades of being led by men with more interest in their own well-being than the good of the game. We can't blame the lack of money. Rangers are richer than the entire Romanian league. It's more fundamental than that.