Sunday, 4 October 2009

Rangers 2 Celtic 1

I wasn't at Ibrox today but watched the match on the tele. My observations of Cetic this season so far:
  • Mowbray's substitutions always make the team worse
  • This is not because the players coming on (e.g. McCourt, Samaras) are worse than those coming off (e.g. ZZ, N'Guemo)
  • It is because the players who should come off (e.g. Brown, Maloney) remain on the park
  • Brown isn't good enough
  • Maloney isn't good enough and hides
  • Naylor wasn't good enough last season and is worse now
  • McDonald isn't good enough
  • We lose too many early goals
  • I can just imagine Mowbray drumming it into the players not to lose an early goal
  • This merely serves the purpose of re-inforcing the behaviour he wants to eliminate. It is like the Scottish Government saying we are all drinking too much or that we are getting obese. We drink more and eat more.
  • I think Mowbray's signings have been OK
  • I think Fox is OK
  • I like N'Guemo
  • ZZ looked good today
  • Who knows about Fortune

I can't believe we can't pull away from the dross over at Ibrox.


  1. That doesn't sound good. I wasn't surprised by the result and I don't rate Rangers. The goals we lost looked shocking.

    I think Scott Brown is becoming a major disappointment. In a previous era of lunging tackles his inability to pass the ball at the right speed would have put many of his team mates in hospital. We look ordinary and a bit leaderless. I think a leader on the park can really improve ordinary teams. We need galvanised and I can't see anyone who could do this apart from maybe Robson.

    Looks like a hard season ahead.

  2. Anonymous10:18 pm

    Unfortuneately the reason we can't pull away from the dross at Ibrox is because we too are dross. I think the team is full of mediocre players(I define that as players who can do some good work but spoil it by making simple, basic mistakes such as failing to control or deliver a pass). Even the star players in the team are inconsistent as evidenced by McGeady all too frequent failure to deliver the final, killer cross or Boruc's erratic misjudgements yet again evident on Sunday.
    Whilst I will give Mowbray more time before making a final judgment, I have to say my early impressions are not favourable. While the 3 centre backs are all having a poor season, I don't see the point in Mowbray draining their confidence further by publicly criticising them, especially when you consider that he won't be able to change things until January at the earliest. Also while Loovens and McManus must share the major responsibility for the loss of the two goals at Ibrox, I think Mobray's chopping and changing was also a factor.
    Unlike Diggy I'm far from impressed with Mowbray's signings believing them to be no better than what we already have with the possible exception of Zhi.
    I agree with Diggy's observations aroud the substitutions, another ominous sign,and would add a worrying trend to play some, such as Brown, no matter how badly they are doing
    I fear we are slipping back to the standard of the early 1990's, the only consolation is that it won't require much improvement to beat the dross at Ibrox.


  3. I agree with nearly everything posted here. I'd sell Scott Brown in an instant for anything over £5M. The boy is way over-rated.

    I much prefer the style of football Mowbray is trying to play and I like the way his substitutions try to change games (wee Gordon would swap defenders when we were losing with 5 minutes to go). But the jury is still out on him. Results talk - and his results (especially in the big games) are not talking very well.

    Football is not rocket science. We get mediocre results because we have mediocre players, as John says. I hope Brown and McDonald go in January. We need quality replacements for them both. And we can't afford any more Fortunes. We need players who play.

    Thank God Rangers are crap.