Wednesday, 26 May 2004

Celtic v Seville

I think those amongst us who decided to miss this match made the right decision. It was a poor match, the atmosphere was pretty dire and Henrik looked embarassed about the whole thing. His dismissive gesture when he got the man of the match summed it up. The match wasn't helped by a comical performance by Mike McCurry who probably got the match because he supports Celtic.

Right from the kick-off I was wishing it was all over. The only bits I enjoyed were "Bjorn Again" before kick-off and Henrik's walk around the pitch as an encore.

Henrik had said his real farewell to most season ticket fans at the Dundee United game, and to those lucky enough to get a cup final ticket, last Saturday. That should have been enough. This turned out a huge anti-climax. I wish it hadn't happened.


  1. I consider last Saturday's Cup Final performance to be Henrik's last. And it certainly was great to be there.

  2. Have to agree with you, Diggy. I must admit to a dislike of these stage managed events - the artificial attempts to drum up an atmosphere at routine games is another, less glaring example. Having said that I would have felt guilty had I not been there.