Saturday, 29 May 2004

Get your Gmail account

Google recently announced the introduction of a new e-mail service called G-mail. It's like Hotmail but provides 1000Mb of storage instead of Hotmail's 10Mb (that's 100 times more). Google's plan to offer a free e-mail service caused a fuss and was considered an April Fool joke (check the date of the BBC report).

I see that Google has a link to G-mail from the Blogger sign-in page (once you've signed in look for the link on the right). I created a G-mail account today. My e-mail address is

The sign-up is limited to Blogger members for a limited time. Google will open up membership to everyone quite soon so get in now if you want to reserve a good name.


  1. I gather that the option to get a Gmail account is only provided if you are "an active blogger". So get posting.

  2. Here's an e-mail service provider who provides 2Gb of free storage:

    They're currently signing-up but occasionally close the list. Some great names to be had right now (its a new service)... like

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