Wednesday, 26 May 2004

Strong anti-Bush speech from Al Gore

Here's the text of his speech and here's a video (RealPlayer required) of Gore delivering it today at New York University.


  1. In Spain and now in Australia, opposition candidates made withdrawal from Iraq an election issue/policy. Kerry never has, and Gore doesn't in this speech, advocate anything similar for the US. Despite that it is a good speech by Gore focusing on key areas (and he takes the opportunity to remind voters that Bush stole the election).

    I doubt, though, if Gore carries much political weight or credibility. He was always weak.

    The real worry for the next few months is that Bush and Rumsfeld are in a corner. History shows that any sitting president who has less than 50% poll rating 5 months before the election loses. Bush is currently sitting on 48%. He is liable to try anything in the next few months to get re-elected. Shortly he will be at the stage where he has nothing to lose. That's what is really frightening.

  2. >I doubt, though, if Gore carries much political weight
    > or credibility. He was always weak.

    He ran Bush very close in 2000. Many claim he won the election. Not sure about Kerry. But Stephen would be better than Bush!

  3. Anonymous9:38 pm

    I'd never heard of a blog before and I don't know how dull they can be. But I have already forgotten my password. I have also become more than a bit disinterested in the world. But I had a couple of comments. I'm not an admirer of Bush but it is hard to believe that we could blame everything on him. Clinton was the worst president ever, he was a shameful disgrace. These troubles around the world were festering when he was in power. He did nothing - for instance Arafat phoned but he was too busy with Monica on her knees under the desk.
    This idea that countries don't do anything unless there is imminent threat to their security is truly a morally bankrupt notion in the modern world. I'm sure there are people all over the world crying out for intervention - Zimbabwe, Burma for example. The question isn't whether we should intervene or not of course we should - tyranny can exist forever unless we act. The question is whether we can act effectively and bring about an improved situation. The Americans acted disgracefully in Iraq. Yes but the Brits did the same in Ireland - torture, hooded, sleep deprivation all happened. They killed unarmed people in Gibraltar and said they thought a bomb was being detonated. Back at the barracks in Ireland placard went up "Fenian bastards come here for your one way ticket to Gibraltar". Did anyone in government put forward demolishing the maze? Is it really the best course to pull out of Iraq now? Dull. Also Villareal - how much money have they got? Bigger pool than Celtic?

  4. Anonymous4:29 pm

    ..stop havering