Tuesday, 25 May 2004


A guy in the work was telling me a story about a wee boy in Greenock who wanted to take the name Bobo as his confirmation name. The teacher wasn't happy and said that it had to be a Saint's name not a Celtic player's name. So he asked the priest and he said it wouldn't do, it had to be a Saint's name.

The wee boy went away and searched the internet and found Saint Bobo, (see here) whose feast day is 22nd May (Cup final day of course).

He gets confirmed Bobo next week.


  1. Anonymous8:54 pm

    Don't suppose their was a Saint Henrik?

  2. My daughter Eleanor made her confirmation recently. The priest was in the class and decided to ask the children about their chosen confirmation names. One boy had picked Peter. Tell us about Saint Peter asked the priest. The boy replied "Well, he was this little boy who could fly and he had two brothers and a sister called Wendy.." Its not always the name that matters but Bobo is brilliant. Wait till next year.