Friday, 1 October 2004

AC Milan v Celtic

Woeful first half followed by good second half. But we seem to panic whenever there's a chance of getting an away point. From the second we equalised, we just tried to hold out. A better team would have held onto the ball.

I was disappointed with Thompson (apart from the goal against Rangers, what has this guy done in the last six months?) and Petrov (doing his invisible act again). But I thought Harton and Camara looked good and Lennon was Lennon (class). Marshall looked suspect at times and Bobo gives me panic attacks when he has the ball at his feet.

Basically, we still lack quality. But MON knows that.

But there might be a silver lining to the result.


  1. Listened to the radio and watched the highlights. I thought it would be a draw as the commentators had Celtic on top in the second half. It seems to me that these European games follow the same pattern most times. Outclassed in the first half and then an amazing second half where the players seem to play above themselves. As to this game I thought Hartson looked brilliant but Camara didn't seem to be able to get in one proper shot. I agree about Balde, he is s brilliant stopper but position and distribution looks poor at this level. I think Sutton is immense but I would prefer if he played up front. What concerns me is that with only one injury we still have to play him out of position. Also Petrov is better coming through the middle making supporting runs. I am not sure about the next couple of games but these players do seem able to give some brilliant performances. I would prefer them to progress rather than have the silver lining of the Uefa Cup.

  2. Agreed Gerry. CL over UEFA Cup every time. I want to finish second in this group. This is this teams last chance. I think we will go back in Europe and just hope that in 2 or 3 years time we can peak again at a high level.