Saturday, 9 October 2004

New music player

I bought myself a new music player last week. It's a Creative Zen Touch purchased from Amazon.

I considered the iPod before choosing this one. The iPod looks nicer but the battery on this one lasts 24 hours (although I'm getting nothing like that out of it).

It stores 10,000 songs - which is more than my entire music collection. So I've copied just about every song I own and rediscovered several long forgotten bands in the process such as Led Zeppelin and Lou Reed. I even listed to Peter Frampton yesterday. The player has a random button which chooses a track at random from the music library - it's like having your personal radio station.

Meg (my daughter) keeps me up-to-date with contemporary artists (such as Jeff Buckley and Sigur Ros) so I have a pretty varied collection of music. What do you guys listen to?

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  1. That technology sounds pretty amazing. I build up my record collection from cheap CDs (which are cheaper than when you first bought them) and the library. I have just copied the Best of Yes and found that I really liked some of the songs. I also borrowed the best of the Rolling Stones. I still like listening to the Who and I copied a "best of". I like Leonard Cohen (who was 70 a couple of weeks ago) and has just released a new album. I really like folk a lot more now and even country I catch Bob Harris Country on the radio quite often. I was watching a programme on Steve Earle on Friday night on BBC4 and I then had to listen to him till about 2.00. I would recommend him to you if you haven't heard him. A recent album "Jerusalem" is a protest against the Iraq war. I don't have this album (it hasn't appeared in the library). He is a mixture of country/rock/folk. My experience is the albums are mixed but with some really tremendous songs. He is doing tours against Bush just now as are two of my other favourites Jackson Browne and Bruce Springsteen. America seems to be taking on some of the politcal tours we had in the 80s with the Jam and Billy Bragg. The Countryside Alliance may take it up perhaps a one time unlikely combination of Bryan Ferry and the Wurzels. If I was considering buying a newish album it would be Nick Cave or the Streets.