Monday, 25 October 2004

UK Music Hall of Fame

Did you see last night's programme? It was the 1970s edition. The nominees included The Sex Pistols, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and David Bowie.

Some great clips. The best bits were the Pistols and Bowie. My vote goes to Bowie. He couldn't sing and his lyrics were bollocks but his music was great. Totally original. Led Zep got close. But Bowie for me.


  1. I haerd Bowie on the radio last week. It was that song kooks. A very strange song with a sort of music hall feel. His voice is very distinctive but certainly no Robert Plant. I think for me it would be between these two as well. The Pistols had about three truly great defining songs of that time but not much else. Bowie probably does edge it. I also heard an interview with Peter Frampton and you may know this but I didn't. He went to the same school as Bowie. Bowie being a bit older. This came up as the interviwer told Frampton that Hanif Kureshi held Frampton's dad (an art teacher at the school) as one of his major influences. Frampton had never heard of him (maybe no great loss there either).

  2. "God save the Queen" is definitely a candidate for the best-ever rock and roll song. Didn't know that Bowie and Frampton went to the same school. And didn't know that you were a Bowie fan. I have mixed memories of Bowie's music. I still vividly remember being sick out of the window of a high flat while "Drive in Saturday" was being played.