Friday, 28 October 2005

The Daily Show

Anyone seen "The Daily Show" on More4 at 8:30pm.
Its US show hosted by John Stewart which takes a look at the news that day in US.
As US shows go its liberal, poking fun at the Government.
It can be patchy as a lot of it refers to US politicians that a UK audience might not know, and some of the skits are lame, but the reason to watch it is the way it lampoons Bush and his cabal.
The chilling thing is that Bush comes across as a bigger idiot than before (which is saying something). There was one clip where it showed Bush interviewing US invasion soldiers in Baghdad, he could hardly string two words together. It was cringingly embarrasing. The icing on the cake was that they showed another clip of one of his aides before hand, rehearsing the dialogue whith the soldiers, even down to anticipating the "off the cuff" joke by the C in C.

I know that if the show made any difference the network would pull it, and I agree with everything Chomsky says on ways of manufacturing consent, but its good to see some opposition.

Did anyone see Morgan Spurlock's documentary last night about living on US minimum wage for 30 days?

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  1. I'm also a Daily Show fan although - as you say - it can be patchy. If you like the Daily Show, then you might like this too.

    Yes, I saw and enjoyed Spurlock's documentary last night. His girlfriend is hot in a geeky way.