Monday, 24 October 2005


Anyone seen any decent DVD's recently.

Best British film EVER is Dead Man's Shoes

It's a small film in terms of budget and setting but deals with large themes - justice, culpability, guilt...

Paddy Considine gives a chilling performance (he out Bickels Bickel).

Watching it in the cinema left me very emotional and when I spoke about it to Eve (I saw it alone in London) I would well up with emotion.


  1. Good to have you on the blog Billy. I've added Dead Man's Shoes to my Amazon rental list.

    I'm quite a fan of movies and watch them at the cinema and on DVD. Here is my list of favourite movies.

  2. Anonymous10:03 am

    Just seen "The Machinist" with Christian Bale.

    Brilliant performance by him and great film. Shades of "Memento".
    Like a Polanski or Hitchcock film,Kafka or Doestoevsky book.

  3. That looks like a very powerful film. I have a bit of difficulty watching films like that now. Also I really have to feel up to watching gritty social realism which ends up making you feel sad and depressed. I never watch horror films I just find them too disturbing. However against that I don't like those stupid middle class comedies. Admittedly I'm a bit limited with films.

    However a bloke in the work loaned me the Long Way Round just before he went on a three week motor cycling trip to Canada. I didn't fancy it. But as he gave me it I watched it and was hooked. It was 7 episodes (around 45 minutes each)and I watched the first three in a row. Surprisingly to me Ewan Macgregor and his mate came across really well. I would recommend renting it - if these things are ever rented out.

  4. Margaret and me watched Dead Man's Shoes last night. We both enjoyed it. Worth a second viewing. Good pace and really brilliant acting. There's a deep sadness in the film and an outstanding ending.