Sunday, 30 October 2005

This week's TV

Winter must be near - the TV schedules are improving. This week sees a new documentary/drama about Rome (Wednesday), a new comedy about TV news (Monday), and a repeat of Jonathon Miller's wonderful series about Atheism (Monday). A few of the most shocking movies are also shown this week - including Audition (tonight), The Shining (Friday) and Misery (Thursday). And there's some fantastic comedy on Tuesday.


  1. Yes and it started very well today with a good Celtic win over Dundee United. Even better than the game were the comments from Scotland's own George Bush aka John Yogi Hughes. He was talking about the people Celtic could bring into the side. (The Chinese lad is very good) "Du Wee, if I have the pronunction right". John never mind the Chinese concentrate on the English. I look for more as the season goes on.

  2. Yes,

    I did not stay up for "Audition" but as I mentioned before, it is such a shocking movie and I did not want to put myself through it again.

    Has anyone seen "Funland" on BBC3.
    Its set in Blackpool and is a black comedy / drama.

    Its got lots of sex in it, quite voyeuristic (sort of doggy style League of Gentlemen). Best line last night was when one of the lead characters offers to pay this married woman £1000 to fuck her. He says "think about it, thats £100 per inch".