Friday, 7 October 2005


Using the Internet as a telephone (called VOIP) has been in the news recently. Skype is the best known VOIP service. I tried Skype about 18 months ago and was not impressed. But I downloaded the latest version a few weeks ago - what an improvement.

Skype is free between Skype users (anywhere in the world) but you can also call land-lines for a small fee. The international dialling charges are a fraction of the large telecomms companies. The rates are also good to UK land and mobile numbers. But the best thing about it is the call quality. Skype-to-Skype is outstanding. Skype to landline is the same as an ordinary telephone. And it supports conference call (including a mix of Skype and landlines) for up to four people.

Skype also supports a number of extensions to make calling from Outlook or Internet Explorer very simple (turning every telephone number into a Skype link).

Skype solved a problem for me. My telephone bills were astronomical a few months ago so I took drastic action and barred out-going calls. But Skype allowed me to give the girls telephone credit (I give them 10 Euros at a time) so they now use Skype to phone their friends - and I get to control my phone bill.

My Skype username is "bobbyelliott" or you can call me using the button below (leave voicemail if I'm not online).

Call me!

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