Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Next Manager Poll

How about a free text choice where other names can be suggested?

I have a feeling we will go for a cheap option that has enough "Celtic" in them to shut up the vocal minority. I hope we go for someone who has been relatively successful in Europe within a limited budget.

I also want some others to follow Strachan out of the door (McGeady & Boruc will do to start with).


  1. Hope you managed to enjoy your drinks after the game. I was completely non plussed by the Celtic performance. Insipid, lacklustre, dire even. We had two games left. Win both and win the league even with a poor season we should have lifted our game to do that. But it looked like there was nothing left and Gordon had nothing to motivate the team.

    I don't really know many managers but this Bilic being quoted could be an option. Mowbray and Grant would I suppose be liked by the fans but Mowbray did buy Craig Beattie so I am unsure as to his judgement. What about the Hearts manager? It looks like we have two reasonably good keepers coming in so maybe Boruc is on his way. I think quite a number should go.

  2. Agree with our performance on Sunday. Insipid alright. So no surprise when wee Gordon resigned since they have been player like a managerless team for several weeks.

    Mowbray is my least favourite choice of replacement. I agree with Diggy that a European coach with a record of buying wisely sounds our best option. Celtic are massive club by the standards of most teams.