Sunday, 10 May 2009

Rangers 1 Celtic 0

I was working yesterday morning, so caught the game in two pubs in Glasgow. I left the first one at half time since the guy beside me liked to call Rangers players "orange bastards" or "black bastards" or "orange black bastards". He wasn't the only one in that pub. Celtic's problems in this regard may be much less than Rangers', but it's still there.

I thought we played OK. In fact, it was like Celtic playing a diddy team... we dominate, they score, and hold on for grim life until the end of the game. On another day (and with two centre forwards which would not include Hesselink) we would have scored at least one goal. As Diggy posted recently, if you don't invest in the team, you get days like this.

I don't think the league is over. Wee Gordon has an amazing knack of pulling things out of the fire. I'd be surprised if both teams win all of their remaining games. The problem is that Celtic are as likely to drop points as Rangers but if we can keep the pressure on, who knows. If we do lose the league, we'll lose it to one of the poorest Rangers teams I've seen.

Game report.

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  1. On the comments in the pub - what goes on inside people's heads is pretty sick. Even sicker that they can't just keep them in there.

    On the game itself there were questions about the formation and the selection. There has to be doubts about Hartley ever since the first old firm game at Celtic Park. We had no other central midfielders? We already beat them with a different formation so couldn't we have played 5 in midfield again. If we had to play 442 why have Maloney instead of McGeady. McGeady repeatedly skinned Whittaker in the cup final.

    Worse still Rangers were without first team players Thompson, Ferguson, McGregor, Papac, Broadfoot.

    I hope Rangers do slip up away from home but recently even when team's have had more possession Rangers still seem to get the goals.

    One or two decent signings (Flood two games!)surely would have meant that we wouldn't have thrown away a seven point lead.