Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Pub after Hearts game

Denis, John & Diggy are going to the Press Bar after the last game of the season. Anyone else fancy a pint?


  1. Meeting up for a pint sounds good but just not possible. I would also like to think you could have a celebratory drink on me but I'm not hopeful. What a depressing weekend. I have been trying to convince myself that it is only football.

    After watching Hibs v Rangers I honestly thought Celtic could take about 3 off them. There is a certain predictability about Celtic going forward. I thought Hartley had a good game but I didn't see how he was needed. Putting Maloney wide and replacing Hartley with Naka and went all out for some goals then shut up shop. Well it looks easy on paper.

    Whatever happens I would go for Levein next season. Dundee Utd have played better football for two years with less talented players.

  2. Sorry you can't make it Gerry. I plan to be there.

    I agree that we're very predictable. That's an indictment of wee Gordon... that at the end of three years under his management he has produced a predictable, boring team, bereft of ideas to score goals.

    On the positive side, it's amazing we're still in with a shout, having won *two* away games this year. We should be dead and buried.

    But no matter who wins the league (and I would say it's only 60/40 in Rangers favour right now), they are simply the best of a very poor bunch. Winning four in a row would give Gordon Strachan a legacy that he doesn't really deserve given the quality of the team he will leave behind.

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