Thursday, 13 August 2009

CQN sycophancy

A riposte to somoneone who had the temerity to criticise Paul67 on CQN:

"Expressing yourself gratuitously in this way to any poster in CQN would be childish and offensive. Doing it to the very person who gives you a free platform to post your differing views on a regular basis, thus reaching an audience of thousands of Celtic fans, far more than you could hope to reach without his help, is really beyond the pale."

There you have it - freedom of speech on matters relating to Celtic FC would not exist without the toil of the blessed St Paul and his disciples. Those who would abuse their privilege of this very freedom bestowed on them by offering views differing from St Paul shall be cast down from heaven for the heretics they are.

You have the freedom of speech to agree with St Paul.


  1. Come on TB you act surprised. The Celtic View started off well but very quickly became Pravda. CQN started as the Celtic FT and has become Fox News. The real question is what fate awaits May 22 as Bobby gets older.

  2. Firstly, I demand to be held in the same high esteem as Saint Paul of CQN. All references to me should be in hushed tones and whenever I deign to make a contribution it will be regarded in Biblical terms. As I get older, I mature, and see the necessity of bringing stability to the Middle East so that body count is going. Oh, and anyone who pisses me off is barred.

  3. Excellent post Bobby.