Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Fox News - "NHS is a terrorist recruitment tool"

Obviously I know that Fox News is merely a propaganda mouthpiece for the far right elites in America but I was still surprised to see this footage on the NHS which can only be accurately described as blatant lies, propaganda and an attempt to scare working people into voting against something that is actually in their best interests.

Gems include "in a bureaucracy [the NHS being an inefficient bureaucracy in contrast to super lean multinational US corporations who make mega profits by denying people the very health care services they are supposed to provide] like the NHS no-one will notice someone spending all day reading Osama Bin Laden fatwas online"

My experience of the UK private sector is you are lucky to get the web applications you need to do your job past the firewalls never mind any illicit material.

Another gem "In the NHS system your doctor is like the post office", whatever the hell that is supposed to mean.

And another "Arabs are very good at producing physicians because they are poor entrepenuers"

In essence the message is - 50% of doctors in the UK are muslim because it is such a poorly paid inauspicious profression ("doctors are civil servants in the UK"). All muslims are terrorists, so to adopt a similar system would put US citizens in mortal danger.

Absolute unadulterated nonsense and downright lies.

With every passing day, those who run the USA appear to lurch further towards a fascist state. Replace the words "Muslim" and "Arab" as they are used in this footage to "Jew" and you could be in 1930s Germany.

Thankfully the overwhelming number of comments on the Youtube video are similarly appalled by this propaganda garbage but I found it alarming nonetheless that a so-called "news" organisation would even attempt to pass such lies off as informed comment.

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