Tuesday, 10 May 2005

BBC - BBC Four - Listings

BBC - BBC Four - Listings I know it is too late to advertise this but they may be repeated. Two really good programmes on the Time Shift series. Red Robbo and Grunwick strike. Posed the unacceptable face of union power and the real need for unionisation. Both cases ending in defeat one with Red Robbo losing his job. My view was that this guy took it way too far. The vast majority of the workers wanted to work and he felt he had the right to put their families into hardship for political ends. And the other with the workers being sold out by top level TUC leadership. Scargill still wasn't sure who decided to stop supporting Grunwick. Both programmes ended with scenes of Thatcher coming to power. Still it looks like we are getting a bit of the last laugh on the smiling tyrant with her gun running son up shit creek and her party up there with him.

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