Sunday, 1 May 2005

Football and the election

What a performance yesterday. It was worse than the Hearts game. I pretty much agree with this analysis. The current team appears to be a mix of decent experienced players who have lost their hunger (Neil Lennon sauntered around yesterday like it was a pre-season friendly) and young players who are simply not good enough. Major surgery is needed this summer. Let's hope that we can limp over the finish line. We will still be two points ahead of Rangers this evening.

I'm hearing some serious calls for MON's head for the first time. I'm not one of them. Although he is very blinkered at times and makes some strange tactical decisions, he has brought us fantastic success during the last five years. Maybe we should manage the team?

I still don't know how to vote on Thursday. It's fairly academic in my seat so it will be little more than a protest vote. But it won't be Labour. So it's either no-vote or Lib Dem.


  1. The result against Hibs was a shocker. That linked site is great though and I get hooked reading the comments. I agree with building around Petrov. I thought he was amazing against Rangers. My own view is to play people in their best positions and shuffle the team around them rather than play good players out of position. But I take the point you made after the Hearts game Bobby that with a few key players out the team just doesn't perform.
    It is a bit worrying and you can't bet against Celtic (especially if without Bellamy) not drawing one of the next three games and Rangers winning on goal difference. The Bellamy deal was great but MON doesn't have great success in transfers and so he hasn't built up much strength in depth. However he doesn't seem to play Fernandez or Pearson and I always thought they were decent. I wonder how much the Hibs team cost. I had some doubts about Beattie in the old firm game but I didn't like him getting subbed. But he took his goal well against Hibs and he must be a pretty strong character. We definitely need Agathe or Sutton or both back for the next three games - with Petrov in central midfield. Just before the Rangers game the Saturday Telegraph's football writer was putting the case that MON was the only person to take over from Ferguson in 2006/07, but tactically I am not sure he is really up there.
    A while ago Diggy had a post about the unacceptable face of football (a moron on a train). I have always thought that Abrahmovic and Mourinho were also the unacceptable face but from a smug rich point of view. So it was excellent that Liverpool won tonight although they were by far second best. However M wasn't too bad in defeat and I may have to reassess my view of him. I think that Barcelona was the best side I saw in the Champions League and I wish they had made the final.

  2. Hibs didn't cost much to put together but they're totally inconsistent. I watched then run rings around Celtic in December - and then lose their next three games. So talk of Mowbray replacing MON is a joke.

    MON's signings have been hit and (mostly) miss - but Bellamy's signing was inspired.

    I was also glad Liverpool won but diasspointed in the way they won (defending for 93 minutes). Mourinho is OK. A bit crazy (he thinks God guides him) but so are most great people. No fan os Abrahmovic though. Agree that Barca were the best team in the CL (apart from Celtic ;-).