Sunday, 29 May 2005

Cup Final 2005

It was good to see everyone last night. Yesterday's Cup Final was no classic but at least we won - although it was hard to get too excited after last weekend's disappointment.

I deliberately didn't drink much last night. I drank a lot last weekend (at a wedding) and felt crap the next day. So I was determined not to repeat that - and I feel fine this morning.

It was MON's last (competitive) game in charge. I'm sorry to see him go. I appreciate that we have been watching a truly dire Celtic team but I believe that he could have rebuilt the team and taken us to new successes.

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  1. Yes I really enjoyed it. It was my first night out drinking in a number of years. I managed to get through the night without being ill. But it was a close run thing. (Please note the person who forgot that I only wanted a half pint!!) One more pint and I probably wouldn't have been up the next day. It was a very strange feeling walking through Paisley full of drink on a Saturday night. It took me back about 20 years.