Tuesday, 31 May 2005

Gordon Strachan arrives at Celtic Park

Gordon Strachan held his first press conference at Celtic Park today. I was impressed. He talked a lot of sense. He reminds me a little of MON - straight talking, enthusiastic -- and smart. I particularly like his emphasis on fitness. BBJ must be crapping himself. And contrary to some media reports, most Celtic fans are behind him.

My favourite Strachan quote:

He saw John Terry's goal and said he was impressed that Terry goes up expecting to score. He contrasted this to Claus Lundekvam the Saints central defender who goes up for every dead ball and never ever looks remotely like scoring. He said if there was a dead body lying in the penalty area the ball would hit it on the head several times a season which he said is more than Lundekvam can manage. He said referees should book Lundekvam for timewasting every time he goes up for a corner. [Sky Sports]

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  1. I read a report on Sunday. I think it was Scotland on Sunday where Ferguson is reported as saying he wouldn't turn his back on him. I think if you can get Ferguson's back up you might be doing something right.

    But the jury is still out on him.