Sunday, 20 November 2005

Celtic - 3 Rangers - 0

I lost £10 yesterday, having put a tenner on Rangers to win at 10/3. I didn't think that they would win (I predicted 1-1) but the odds were tempting. I was happy to lose the money.

I thought that we played pretty poorly - especially the first half. Against a better team, we would have been punished. But Rangers are dire. I actually felt sorry for Eck. The game confirmed two things: (1) Barry is a ned; and (2) Chick supports Rangers.

It was a vital game for both teams. We win, it's game over for Rangers; they win, it's game on. Fifteen points is a big gap - too big I think for Rangers to catch up. Hearts are still in there. The bookies appear to have made up their minds.

Here is a BitTorrent of the entire game in case you missed it.


  1. Agree with your comments Bobby. But I was extremely confident that we would win. I just couldn't see that Rangers team being good enough to get anything from us.

    At least though it should bring us down to earth. We don't have a good enough defence. But we will still win the treble this year. That might be worth a tenner bet.

    Excellent clips, especially the one of Chick Young. Exposed without question. I don't feel for McLeish. I just can't have sympathy for someone who would manage them. Although I do think he is a better bloke than many managers they have had. What next for them? Do they have the money for a good manager and to revamp the team. If not do they have young players.

    Maybe the English premiership would look more favourably on only one part of the old firm. That's where we need to go.

  2. I thought Andrews tackle on Maloney was criminal. No way did he go for the ball. A tacke from behind aimed to put him out of the match. Deserved a straight red.

  3. Totally agree. The tackle was designed to put him out of the game. But it would have taken a brave ref to red card Andrews since it was a sly tackle.

    Agree Gerry that the EPL is where Celtic's future lies.