Thursday, 10 November 2005

Top 50 independent films

Some interesting choices - including Dark Star and Dead Man's Shoes. I saw Sideways recently and enjoyed it a great deal.


  1. I see that Buffalo 66 is in the top 50.

    Watched it on DVD and thought it was a great film. Vincent Gallo, wrote, directed and starred in the film. Its one mans vision, a personal work that deserves to be seen.

    Am I the only person who hated "Lost in Translation". I thought it was like watching paint dry. It didn't help that me and Eve were sitting in front of a couple who thought that everything Bill Murray did was sooo funny. I wanted to strangle them.

    Two films that should have made the top 50 are "Rushmore" and "Election".

  2. Saw Buffalo 66 and enjoyed it. Haven't seen Lost in Translation but it's on my to-watch list and I've heard some good and bad reviews. Yes, Rushmore and Election are excellent. Your previous recommendation - Dead Man's Shoes - is outstanding. I have Mysterious Skin
    to watch this weekend.

  3. Glad to hear you liked "Dead Man's Shoes". Im on a one man mission to spread the word about how great it is.