Sunday, 6 November 2005

Smearing Chomsky?

Billy had previously commented on Noam Chomsky who was recently voted the World's Top Public Intellectual. Because of this, Chomskey was interviewed in the Guardian but the resulting article has been criticised.

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  1. I read the article.
    She had her mind made up before she met him.
    Attacking him for enjoying the benefits of capitalism (e.g. computers and pension funds) while criticising US foreign policy and US state sponsored terrorism.
    Chomsky is a rare man, he speaks with rigourous honesty about the need for states to control the masses i.e. Manufacturing Consent through PR and control of the media.

    As he says, if a martian landed and was told that 90% of the media was controlled by huge multinational corporations, he would not need to be a genius to know whose interests the media would be working for.