Sunday, 13 November 2005

Gordon Strachan: The New Mourinho?


  1. Its a good bit early for the comparisons. But when I was commenting on Diggy's post and the powerfulness of players, Barcelona actually popped into my head and I tried to remember how many tough or strong players they had.

    I wonder if we will ever have the passing skills of the continentals. We certainly could have strength, speed and stamina. We could also certainly improve the passing. On that though if you ever have the chance it is worth looking at the second goal recently away to Livingstone. It is a truly great bit of passing play. I lost count of the number of passes. But the level of competition also has a bearing and we are being allowed to play. Even if we win the treble this year which I think we will its not been a big enough test.
    I would really like a Hansen type player bringing the ball out from the back.

  2. Talking of Hansen. I think if he was chocolate he would eat himself. His comments on games are predictable and lasy. I read an article with Michael Robinson (used to play for Brighton and Liverpool) who is the main guy in Spain for football coverage and he says that the coverage in UK is mediocre, old boys club where they will not ask people pertinent questions about the game, all want to suck up the the managers.

    Anyway, the last edition of the Observer sports magazine had Hansen picking the top 10 managers of all time, however he did not pick Jock Stein (but picked Alf Ramsay and Kenny Dalglish), That tells you where Hansen is coming from.

    As regards bringing the ball out from the back, give me Beckanbaur any day.

  3. I quite enjoy match of the day. I don't find Hansen that disagreeable. Spanish coverage must be good. Compared with MOTD Scotsport is unwatchable. No Scotsport just is unwatchable.

    I would have preferred the German but then if Du Wei can bring it out from the back I'll be happy with that.