Monday, 21 November 2005

Keane wants Celtic

Keane says he prefers Celtic. Would you take him?


  1. I wouldn't take him.

    Everyone thinks he would be too good for the SPL but I think he would be found lacking in fitness and pace.

    I think we should be looking to build for next years CL by signing experienced players (25 - 28 year olds) but I don't think Keane is one of them.

    We need cover at left back and probably right back if Agathe leaves.

  2. On balance I would agree. But at the weekend I was reading that he would stiil be receiving his weekly wage (£100k) from Man Utd until the end of the season. This made me think that he might drop his wage demands and perhaps agree to a pay per game basis. But he might find that demeaning. He's definitely too old to invest much in and he now seems to be out too long with injuries. But he is a tremendous fighter and would he give us that extra advantage next year in Europe (his last)? Don't you think we would probably let Lennon go in the summer.

    I agree about the full backs. But I think we need at least one ball player in central defence if we are to play a passing game. I think at the moment we have three players in the centre who are too static if we really want to get past the league stage in Europe next year.

    It is annoying to hear about his link with the club. But his move is clearly putting us on a lower peg. Would he have thought of Celtic three years ago if Man U had released him then? I also don't like the sectarian baggage he would carry - though that wouldn't necessarily be down to him. But we could maybe do without it.

  3. I agree with most of what you write Gerry. But I would take him. He would be an excellent addition for next season's Champions League. And TFOD would hate it! But also agree also with Diggy that there are other positions that need strengthened too. But Keane would be some signing.