Wednesday, 9 November 2005

Celtic v Rangers

I thought that was a great performance tonight. I'd forgotten to buy my ticket so watched the game on the telly.

We were as far ahead of Rangers as any team we've played this season.

I've slagged Camara quite a bit this season but I thought he was great tonight. I also thought that Nakamura looked the good player I think he is. He strolled around, looked stronger, tackled, made nice passes and was cute. I think Maloney, McGeady, Beattie and Wallace are his type of player. I think we will see even better football in the coming months.

I also need to say that I'm really happy with Gordon Strachan. This is the best football we've played in a few years and I also think that his humility and humour during interviews makes him a good ambassador for the club.

Having watched John Hartson's interview at the weekend and Sean Maloney's tonight I think Strachan's outlook on life is spreading throughout the club. Too many palyers were getting too arrogant in the past couple of seasons.

Boruc - 8 (a couple of bad kickouts, but very confident)
Telfer - 7 (no real pressure)
Balde - 8 (Prso is a good player and didn't do anything tonight)
McManus - 8 (Prso is a good player and didn't do anything tonight)
Camara - 9 (Best game for us)
Nakamura - 9 (Cool - reminds me of Dalglish if only he could score more)
Petrov - 8 (good game)
Lennon - 7 (strolled throughout most of game but made a couple of boobs early on)
McGeady - 7 (looking confident again)
Maloney - 8 (also looking good - needs to thank Klaus for goal though at least he shot)
Hartson - 8 (good game)

Kyrgiakos should never have been sent off but even with eleven v eleven we were much better.

I thought we made Rangers look a poor team tonight. That is as bad as they've looked in a couple of months despite their results.


  1. I wasn't sure how last night would go - and until wee Sean scored the first goal I thought the game was pretty even. But by the end it could have been 4-0.

    I thought Maloney, Camara and Balde played well. But I agree with CQN that the man of the match was Gordon Strachan who has transformed Celtic in a short period of time.

    But I wouldn't get carried away. St Mirren would give Rangers a game at this point in time. We still have a long way to go to match the 2003 Celtic team. But we appear to be heading in the right direction.

  2. What struck me about the game was how ineffectual Rangers were. They could have played for hours and never scored. Celtic are certainly playing a lot better football than before and the transformation with Camara is unbelievable. After the Artmedia game I thought he would never be good enough for Celtic.

    I still have a bit of doubt around the the powerfulness of some players and if overall we might be a bit lightweight against some teams. I'm not sure about this though as the game now allows a lot more football to be played. Maybe I just got used to the MON approach. I did think we owed a bit to Claus though and it will be interesting to see how Rangers play the next game. They're whole game was terrible and the passing was shocking.
    I'm not sure how the defence would hold up against a good attack. Also neither Balde nor McManus can really distribute the ball. I'd like to see Du Wei get a chance soon (hope that's the right pronunction).