Saturday, 5 November 2005

More happy days

Another difficult day for Rangers. According to Celtic Quick News Klos wasn't playing as, similar to Ball, they couldn't afford to. I don't know if he was back today but it's their attack they should worry about. Hopefully we can extend the gap with a win over the eloquent John Hughes' team. A win then on Wednesday, which can never be a foregone conclusion (can Hartson play two games in quick succession?), should mean they only have the Scottish Cup left before the end of November. They could end fourth.

I suppose you have heard the recently reported conversation between Bestie and his consultant? George, there is good news and bad news. Tell me the bad. You only have one hour to live. Well what's the good news? It's happy hour!

That's nearly as bad as the overheard conversation between two Erskine women walking along the street. They see their husbands approaching and one is carrying a bunch of flowers. Oh well I suppose that means I'll be on my back with my legs open for the rest of the weekend says one. To which her friend replies oh come on don't tell me you don't have a vase.


  1. The gap is beginning to grow. I still believe that Rangers are the main threat - but the bookies think that the league is over:

    Don't get Billy started with bad jokes - he's the Master. Here's my contribution:

    A chickenburger goes into a bar and asks for a pint. The barmen says: "Sorry sir, we don't serve food in this pub."

  2. two snowmen standing in a field.
    One says to the other "Do you smell carrots"?